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Daoshop Dharmmat

Welcome in Daoshop. 

We offer a wide range of products for those interested: 
  • the practice of chinese martial arts (taijiquan, qi gong), - clothes, weapons, 
    covers, DVD, books, etc.
  •  meditation, Buddhism (zendo equipment, mats, cushions, incense, clothes) 
  • yoga (mats, bags, belts, bolsters) 
  • healthy lifestyle (mattresses and pillows filled with buckwheat husk, other
    health products)
Before purchasing, read the information on materials and products, shipping and
payment forms and other additional information provided at the bottom of the menu. 
Enjoy your shopping.
  • New
    Loose pants dark
    17.3 EUR
  • New
    Chen Taijiquan Metods & Masters
    21.3 EUR
  • New
    Yoga bolster
    13.8 EUR
  • New
    Zen Monk Summer Koromo
    134.8 EUR
  • New
    Halberd Pudao 'Dragon Head'
    118.8 EUR
  • New
    Taiji ball
    74.8 EUR
  • New
    Broadsword cover P3
    8.0 EUR
  • New
    Taiji jacket
    24.3 EUR
  • New
    Taiji uniform - mix
    39.8 EUR
  • New
    Taiji uniform - modern
    41.0 EUR
  • New
    Taiji uniform - classic [Ex]
    46.3 EUR
  • New
    Taiji uniform - standard  [Ex]
    49.3 EUR
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