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Light pants underwear/Color
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Kimono with side pleat/color
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Kimono standard/color
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Shoes bag
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Spear tassel
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Sword pompon
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Shukin-Koromo cord \'S\'
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Zen Monk  \'Soto\'
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Koromo \'Rinzai\'-standard
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Two-handed Miao Dao saber

Dao broadsword black
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Dao broadsword
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Wushu stick
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Two-handed Miao Dao saber

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Manufacturer: Chiny
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Miao Dao

Two-handed saber / sword, similar to the Japanese 'katana' sword with a stiff, non-sharp blade, slightly lighter and cheaper version than the Miao Dao Ex
Weapon used by some Chinese troops during the Second Sino-Japanese War. Rarely practiced in modern wushu, there was a form for it developed at the beginning of the 20th century by the Central Military Academy in North China. Wooden, light scabbard covered with a patterned fabric, included. The cover is available in options

- Blade length: 100 cm
- Total length: 140 cm
- Balance point from the cover (+/- & frac12; cm): 12 cm
- Rigid, chrome-plated stainless steel blade, unfocused & nbsp;
- Average weight without scabbard: 800g
- Average weight with scabbard: 1100g
Cotton viscose [Co/Vs] CO55/Ws45% / Weight 150 G/m2 - thin, flowing fabric. Fits well, feels nice and cool against the body / juban, kimono, taiji pants and uniforms

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