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Weapon cover/bag
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11.7 EUR
\'Wu-Yeah\' sword case
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10.7 EUR
Saber case \'Wu-Yeah\'
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10.7 EUR
\'Shaolin\' vest
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17.9 EUR
Taiji Ruler
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8.3 EUR
Taiji bar \'Bang\'
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9.5 EUR
Wooden butterfly knives
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23.6 EUR
Mawangdui Daoyin Qigong
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13.1 EUR
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28.3 EUR
Light pants underwear/Color
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23.1 EUR

Spear tassel

Wushu stick
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16.4 EUR
Dao broadsword black
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61.6 EUR

Spear tassel

1.9 EUR
Manufacturer: Chiny
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Colorful tassel attached to the spear blade. Usually red, made of artificial hair, added as a decorative element to a spear blade. At a time when spears were used on the battlefield, the taper was designed to keep blood from the blade so that it would not flow down the shaft onto the warrior's hands.
Cotton viscose [Co/Vs] CO55/Ws45% / Weight 150 G/m2 - thin, flowing fabric. Fits well, feels nice and cool against the body / juban, kimono, taiji pants and uniforms

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